About us
Like every color, every woman carries an aura that is unique.
Monokrome is a tribute to the women who carry themselves the way that they are.
Started as a workshop initiative in 2017, we work closely with artisans from varied
backgrounds to offer you products as distinct as our customers; who are the source of our
inspiration and creation.
Rooting from India we want to celebrate our heritage, our crafts, and our signature and
bring them to fore globally
Our aim
Trends are important but your true inner style takes precedence.
Fashion is everything in today’s day and age, agreed! But, Monokrome New York brings you
the range that lets you find your own unique style, that defines you!
Something precious, something LIKE YOU!
We don’t weave fashion or style. We knit persona and emotions. And it’s
not a shout for attention; it’s a shout out to all the women who are tired
of being someone else. We at Monokrome have a loud and clear
message for our customers; “Stop taking the world by storm, BE THE
How are we different
We don’t believe in following the set path. We don’t follow trends, instead we focus our
energies in exploring new techniques, travelling, meeting new people, learning from each
attempt and casting these experiences into our products. This gives our products the edge
of uniqueness and love.
In these beautiful escapades we do subconsciously barter our skills with fellow craftsman’s
which is itself a gratifying feel. We all are in equal control of our product in terms of quality
and uniqueness.
Our customers
MKNY women are creative, content and confident in their skin.
The one who has broken and twisted the shackles of patriarchy, the ones who
love dancing in the moonlight and hustling in the blazing sun.
She is beautiful, intelligent and independent.
She speaks her mind and follows her heart and carves her own path.